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Happy New Year

Hello loves, just stopping by to say happy 2022! Yet again how quickly time flew, another year just like that. I hope whoever is reading this is thriving, happy, and healthy. May this New Year be prosperous for us all, and may we reach all of the goals we want to achieve.

I thought the picture above was perfect for this post, so I thought I'd share it with you all. What are some things you are looking forward to doing throughout the year? Personally I have noticed that I am not the best at keeping my new years resolutions. :( I also know that I may not be the only one who struggles with that so we must remember that it is okay.

I wanted to do this blog post a little bit different and start by apologizing to myself. As you all know I have not been consistent with posting any blogs. I feel like I kept making excuses for myself and kept pushing it away, when I know that I invested so much money to bring this blog to life so, I should be keeping it active and up to date. I started to keep myself busy with working and going to the gym that I stopped making this a priority. Journaling and blogging is something I really enjoy doing so I want to try my best to find the light I once had to keep this going and growing again. That is something that I want to change for the year. I want to refocus on myself by also focusing on my blog and finding new topics to talk about. Please don't forget there is also a space on my blog where you guys can type in anything you would like for me to talk about<3. With that being said is there anything you guys would like to try doing differently this year? maybe something you haven't really gotten the chance to do but have always wanted to. Are there any goals you would like to get started on? I have always wanted to do a Vision Board, I believe seeing it will be more helpful to make whatever is on there happen manifesting what I want in my life. I have been seeing a lot of tiktoks of girls doing them online and they turn out so cute! Maybe that will make it easier for me to get to.

This year I am starting what I call a "Tell me Something Good jar" Basically what that is is everyday you write something you want to share about your day that happened. I am only writing positive things but you can choose to change it and write about anything that occurred in your day. Something that happened that you might not remember in the future but would like to look back at even once. So far I already have three for the first three days into the year, and of course they are all positive<3. if you do this everyday like I plan on doing by the end of the year you will have a lot of little notes to look back at. Please share if that is something you are interested in doing. Again if you find yourself reading this thank you for supporting me. Until next time Love always Jess.

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